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SHNEDE_wall crafts hot air balloon 1 SHNEDE_wall crafts hot air balloon 2
SHNEDE Cumtomized Letter Metal Artwork Decorations $70.00 $160.00
Handmade Materials: Steel, Creativity, Love, Passion, Inspiration, Black Matte Dye READY TO HANG: NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED - There is a hanging attachment at the back of each piece, no assembly required. You just need a nail on the wall for each piece.  
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SHNEDE_Letter style customization1 SHNEDE_Letter style customization2
SHNEDE Letter Shape Metal Wall Decoration Custom $89.00 $165.00
Handmade NO CUSTOMS FEES! EASY TO HANG - Easy to hang each piece with only one nail from the hanging attachment on the back of the product Delivery with a special packaging